Republic of Hungary (Elizaveta Héderváry)
29 February 2012 @ 11:30 pm
[Good morning, Sanctum. It's February 15th and the sun is up, shining into Austria's bedroom. He's not alone in his bed this morning, however, and that bright sunshine has woken up the guest in his bed, who has accidentally turned on the video feed of her TMB while fumbling around reaching for a glass of water she'd left on the night stand. She takes a sip and sets it back down, then sits up in bed. She's...completely naked, and only barely keeping herself covered up by the blankets. She yawns, then turns to look at the man she's been sleeping next to, watching him sleep for a bit. When she turns towards the camera again she seems to be a bit unsure how to feel judging by her expression, though there's definitely fondness in her eyes.]

...So we really...did it last night? I guess that's okay, but...well. I was hoping we could take our time with this, so we could really savor it. I didn't want to rush into things so fast. Guess I blew it.

Mmm, at least it was damn good, though...