28 February 2019 @ 09:42 pm

4th WALL BREAKING: I'd prefer you not, or at least keep it to a minimum, though I may be more up for it if you have a particularly hilarious idea, so talk to me about it before doing anything.
THREADJACKING: I love it when people threadjack so please do! * ^ *
BACK THREADING: Always! I can be kind of a slow tagger sometimes, but I will always at least try to finish threading so long as you want to, so I'm super understanding about other people being slow, too.

MIND READING: Sure! Warn me first, though.
LOCATION SENSING: Sure! Warn me first, though.
TELEPATHY: Sure! Warn me first, though.
SPECIAL/MAGICAL ITEMS: Sure! Warn me first, though.

FIGHTING CAPABILITIES: She can definitely hold her own in a fight and could definitely conceivably get into some scraps.
INJURY/DEATH: No killing her; she can't be killed anyway since I'm pretty sure your character can't wipe out the entire nation of Hungary from Splendor. Feel free to rough her up if they get in a fight, though! I generally prefer to not have any of my characters get hurt so badly that they'd be incapacitated for extended periods of time, ie; broken bones, but depending on the situation I may be willing if discussed with me in advance. Definitely no death, though, since there's no logical way to even kill her.
WIN/LOSE/TIE: Depends on what goes down!
MEDICAL/PHYSICAL INFO: No medical issues; is about as strong as a woman her size could possibly be.

ROMANCE/RELATIONSHIPS: If the CR goes that way, I'm up for it!
SEXUAL RELATIONS: I love RPing smut, so if your character ends up hooking up with her, sure!
PHYSICAL CONTACT: Sure! But if she doesn't want it prepare to get smacked.
ANY TRIGGERS/SECRETS/FACTS YOU WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT: Generally, if you want to try something with me but aren't sure how I feel about it, the best thing to do is just ask. I won't bite, I promise!
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