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2011-12-21 07:10 pm

❀003 - English [video/action for those in Discedo]

[Hungary is outdoors admiring the decorations. She seems a lot more cheerful today than she ever has since arriving here. After a moment or two she addresses the communicator.]

I have to admit, this is kind of nice. The decorations and all are sort of...comforting, I guess? It's a bit of a semblance of what's normal, anyway.

Also um. I apologize to anyone that encountered me the other week. I wasn't myself, obviously. Guess I should've taken those pills, huh?

((I eagerly await mistletoe shenanigans, guys! Hit me up on AIM or plurk for plotting if you'd like, too.))
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2011-12-13 09:17 pm

❀ 002 - [video/action] - Hungarian

[It's evening; the sun's finally gone down. That means Hungary is able to come out now. For the past couple days the light's been bothering her and she's locked herself into a dark inside room of her apartment until night time. The video feed starts suddenly; Hungary hadn't meant to turn it on. All it's showing is a mirror. A mirror that's reflecting the room's surroundings, yes, but no human figure is showing.]

....What the Hell?!

[Judging from that voice, the fact that nothing is showing in the mirror isn't normal. A hand appears in the video now; a slender, feminine hand touches the mirror, but the mirror shows no reflection of that hand in it at all.]

[Hungary pulls back suddenly, in the process knocking into the communicator so it spins around, now showing her face. She reaches up to her mouth, running her index finger over her teeth. She has fangs. Sharp fangs. Very sharp fangs, apparently, as she presses her finger pad too hard against one of them and it draws blood.]


[But she doesn't pull her finger away. Curiously she laps at her bleeding fingertip. Blood tastes nice. She wants more. So much more. But not her own. Someone else's. A mischievous smile on her face, she picks up the communicator and shoves it into her pocket before rapidly exiting her apartment. She will taste more blood tonight. That's already decided as she makes her way onto the streets]

((OOC: Yup, Hungary is a vampire. For action feel free to run into her anywhere on the streets of Discedo! Let me know if you don't want her attempting to feed on your character, though.))
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2011-11-15 04:14 pm

❀ 001 - [video] {English}

[The first thing one checking this video feed will see on their screen is a closeup of a pair of green eyes. After a moment the camera zooms back out to show a woman. A woman who looks rather angry. She begins with a string of angry Hungarian, but after regaining enough of her composure to realize she's not likely to be understood when speaking her native language, she switches to English.]

Anyone care to explain what the Hell is going on?! I was in the middle of something important and the next thing I know I'm waking up in a hospital with doctors I've never seen before doing Lord knows what to me, and now I'm in what looks like the set for some awful B movie about the end of the world. Would anyone care to explain, or do I need to beat the answer out of someone?!