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Application for [ profile] magicdraft

NAME: Mieze

AGE: 21

JOURNAL: [ profile] miezen

AIM/PLURK/EMAIL: AIM: bringingsexybach Plurk: deutschlandlied


SERIES: Axis Powers Hetalia

NAME: Hungary, aka Elizaveta Héderváry

RACE: non-human, but humanoid. She is a personified country, and thus more or less immortal. Her life and health are tied to her nation.

AGE: Approximately 1000 years old; appears to be in her early 20’s

CANON POINT: Modern day (October 2011)


GENDER: Female both physically and mentally

APPEARANCE: She’ll be wearing a plain-ish green dress like this, with brown lace-up boots, and her hair down with a flower hairpin in it.

Hungary’s philosophy in life could probably be described as something like “Always look forward, never look back, and never let yourself be defeated. Should you fail, just keep at it until you succeed.” Hungary has stayed cheerful and kept a smile on her face through centuries of brutal history; living as another nation’s territory, quashed rebellions, losing badly in wars, losing over half of her own land, revolutions that took a major toll on her economy, et cetera. She has never been one to look back on the past and wish she’d done something differently. While she will recall fond memories, her thoughts typically lie with either whatever she’s doing in the present moment, or how to improve her situation in the future. Moping about her bad luck when she’s in a slump of some sort isn’t her style at all. Despite centuries of her global position in terms of strength dropping, she still considers herself to be strong, and so she is. Her spirit is nearly impossible to break.

Despite her overall gentle and friendly demeanor, Hungary is very much a dominant type. She is very comfortable taking the lead, be it with one other person or in a small group, or with an entire army. This goes for just about any situation imaginable; friendly “what are we going to do today?” sorts of things, workplace discussions planning how to complete a task, or even in a romantic relationship, Hungary tends to naturally take the lead. In fact, she can pretty often be very headstrong and stubborn when it comes to her opinions and her ways of doing things. She is capable of listening to others and considering their input and suggestions, though, and will try to work in their wishes to reach a compromise. Her main concern is that she wants things done on her terms.

Don’t be fooled, however; Hungary isn’t always serious and mature. Although she’ll never admit it and will in fact vehemently deny it, Hungary is a bit perverted. She has voyeuristic tendencies, mostly when it comes to the idea of two men being together. She also has a rather strong interest in cute boys in general. However, she is actually very reserved when it comes to exposing her own body in front of others. She also has a pretty strong immaturity streak at times. This typically manifests itself when she is forced to be in the company of someone that she doesn’t like. She will make rather immature quips, make faces at people, and even go so far as to stick her tongue out and make “BLEAGH” noises at people when she’s feeling immature. It is a pretty sharp contrast to her typical conduct, to say the least. She can also be less obnoxious and more playful and teasing with people she likes at times. This doesn’t necessarily come off as immature, though sometimes it can be. Sometimes she likes to get people flustered with her teasing.

For the most part, though, she keeps that side of herself in check. When in company that she deems pleasant, Hungary is calm, mild mannered, and cheerful. She’s said to be somewhat of a big sister type, and this is more or less accurate. She is very good with children, even if she has the tendency to occasionally do strange things, like put little boys in traditional Hungarian dresses. As a rule, kids like her and she likes them. She doesn’t have as strong of an affinity to animals, but occasionally a cute puppy or kitten will win her heart.
Hungary may be feminine enough in nature, but that doesn’t mean cooking, cleaning, and sewing are the sorts of activities she chooses to participate in. In fact, she wasn’t always so feminine. As a child she believed herself to be a boy, or perhaps that there wasn’t much of a difference between genders, if she was even aware that females existed. She believed that her male anatomy would simply grow one day and she’d be just like the rest of the boys. Of course, she eventually learned the truth in how anatomy and gender work, and she embraced her actual gender, but she has still kept hold of many of her preferred activities from when her behavior was more masculine. Going out hunting or horseback riding or having a sparring match of some sort with a worthy opponent will be her first choice in activities. She does enjoy sewing, however, but that comes after she’s gotten her outdoor activities in for the day. Cleaning and cooking are necessities that aren’t particularly joyous, and she tends to want to get them done as quickly as possible. The exception is when she goes all out for a meal; that is enjoyable for her. Another of her hobbies is playing with any sort of interactive toy or game. The Rubik’s cube was invented by a Hungarian, and Hungary enjoys playing with them. She also likes to fiddle with Tamagotchi and similar things.

It takes effort to get Hungary riled up, but when someone does, they regret it. A few people can get her angry instantly (namely Prussia, Turkey, and Romania, though anyone who crosses her enough times could find themselves being considered her enemy), but otherwise she takes a while to get truly angry. Usually it takes threatening the safety of someone important to her. Either way, her anger is usually expressed violently. If someone gets her angry enough, she will hit them, often with some sort of blunt object, fairly often a frying pan. That said, she’s also relatively easy to get to calm back down. Once the source of her anger is removed she’ll regain her good mood, unless the affront was particularly serious, in which case she will not back down until justice is served.

Threatening the safety of someone important to her is a very bad idea and a good way to kick in her “seek and destroy” mode; when she wants to protect someone, she will go all out. She will guard them diligently and she will not hesitate to beat whoever is trying to harm them to a pulp. When someone has her on their side, she tends to be very loyal, and so she can be outright brutal to her enemies, and her allies’ enemies are also her enemies. This is when her anger is at its most dangerous.

Due to Hungary’s bravery, battle-ready nature, stubbornness, refusal to give up, and her quick instinct to jump to her friends’ defense in a fight, I believe she would be best suited to Gryffindor. She is a proud nation with a heart of gold, despite some of her questionable interests. That said, she could also be suitable for Hufflepuff, due to her intense loyalty to those who matter to her, and how hard she strives for her goals.

She will not be aligning with Voldemort, so her commuter will be left as normal.


Hungary is primarily interested in men, but does not entirely rule out women. Most of her interest is in the male body (a direct quote from her: “I love cute boys”, she tends to watch from afar and even take pictures when two men get touchy feely with each other in various strips, any chance she gets to see Austria undressed is something that she treasures, etc). However, she has displayed some interest in women as well. In one strip, she’s discussing national costumes with Liechtenstein and Ukraine, and they find a dress from the island of Crete that doesn’t cover the chest area at all, so any woman who wears it would have their breasts exposed. She turns to Ukraine and says she’d love to see Ukraine in it. So she’d love to see Ukraine’s bare breasts. As such, it cannot be completely ruled out that she has an interest in women.

Hungary is physically stronger than the average woman. Living for centuries and spending quite a bit of that time on the battlefield will cause that. She has a lot of stamina and physical strength, plus is quite difficult to kill, but she’s still not as strong as many other nations, or characters from other combat-oriented canons with unusual powers. She is particularly skilled with the sword and bow and arrow; though that won’t help her much in magic battles it may at least come in handy in terms of footwork and general battle experience.

Ash, dragon heartstring, 10 inches, unyielding


[Lying back on her bed in her dormitory, Hungary is smiling at the commuter, which she’s holding in front of her with outstretched arms.]

This place is amazing, isn’t it? I can’t believe a place like this truly exists! But here I am.

[She giggles, then pauses for a moment. When she speaks again, her voice is far more serious.]

This whole wizarding war thing has nothing to do with me, but…I can’t just let an incredible place like this be destroyed, you know? So I’ve decided to do my best to help these people.

[Another pause, shorter this time. She seems to be pondering what she says next.]

What about everyone else who was brought here? Who of you are with me? I want to know who my allies are.

[That seems to be all she has to say, as she lies the commuter down and ends the video broadcast.]


Today is Hungary’s first Charms class. She’s caught on with most magic quite quickly so far, and thus is eager to master Charms as well. Magic is fascinating to her now that she knows it exists and that she has the ability to use it, so she’s made up her mind to get as strong with it as she can. Hungary makes it into the class room and finds her seat right on time, her wand and textbook already out and her attention focused on the professor, when she wasn’t curiously eying the feather on her desk anyway. She’s the last student to arrive before the start of class, and the professor shuts the door not long after her arrival.

“Well then, class. Today we will be learning the Hover Charm-- Wingardium Leviosa.”

Hungary listens closely, already itching to try the charm as the professor details why it is useful and how it’s done.

“Now, class, how about you all give it a try?”

Hungary doesn’t need any more permission than that. Wand in hand, she performs the movement and incantation, and…


Not giving up, she tries a few more times.


“Grrr…I will get this right!”

In her frustration she pounds her fist on the desk.

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